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WHERE to start? The first thing that you will need is to register a Domain Name (which is your unique address on the web - the address where your clients will find you) We offer assistance with Domain Name Registration. Costs average between $9.99 to $29.99 per year to register. We recommend Mediast for your Domain registration.

NEXT you will need a Web Host, which is the ‘space’ on the Internet that your web site is uploaded to. Depending on your needs, costs average between $6.99 per month for personal and non-profit web hosting to  $9.99 to $34.99 per month for a small business. We recommend Mediast for your Web Hosting Needs

FINALLY your web site ... We offer:

1 to 2 Page “Starter” Site”

Perfect to get you a first time presence on the Internet. Even just 2 pages

can introduce your business, product & contact information, with a link to a

map of your location!

3 to 5 Page “Standard” Site

Our most popular for the enterprising entrepreneur. Typically a Home page,

Services, Photo Gallery, Profile, and Contact page.

6 to 10 Page “Professional” Site

Building on the Standard Package you can add more images, galleries, articles,

including video!

WE ALSO offer Monthly Maintenance Services as well as Re-Design of your current site.

Please Email for a Free Consultation or Further Information

Web Design Services

First impressions count, ESPECIALLY online. Your website deserves to look great, be functional and easy to navigate. Today, a Web Site is a MUST for any Small Business or Organization, offering your clients or members 24/7 - 365 Days a year ADVERTISING!

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